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KM Spa is a one-stop place for your massage, wellness, and beauty needs. All our therapists have many years of relevant experience and are equipped with internationally recognized certificates. Showcasing our professional skills with the most welcoming and attentive attitude to understand the needs of our customers. We strive to make every effort for our customers to enjoy the highest standard of services.

KM SPA是一个舒缓解压,放松心情,理疗,养生,美容的好去处。我们的员工都有多年的相关经验。以及通过严格的考核,培训才能上岗,我们所有的员工都会用最自然,最用心的态度了解客户的状态与需求,为您真诚的服务。以及提供专业的技术服务,力求每一位光临KM SPA的顾客都能享受到至尊贵宾级待遇。



Oil Massage

60mins 78
90mins 117
120mins 156

A quick relief massage mainly for muscle soreness and discomfort. (Specifically suited for working adults who work nearby and wants a quick massage session during lunch break.)


Relaxing 3-in-1 Massage (柔式3合1按摩)
60mins 118
90mins 177
120mins 236

This massage is perfect for individuals who prefer a gentler touch and do not enjoy strong or targeted pressure. The technique incorporates a combination of elbow, palm, finger pulp, and fingertip movements, utilizing three different types of massage techniques to promote relaxation. Through the use of gentle touches and pressure, as well as stretching and relaxing movements, this massage creates a soothing experience that helps to alleviate stress and anxiety, relaxing both the body and mind. It allows you to let go of all worries and sorrows and experience a sense of tranquility, almost like being in paradise.


Lymphatic Drainage + Kidney Care (淋巴排毒 + 肾部保养)
60mins 96
90mins 144
120mins 192

The lymphatic system is commonly known as the cleaner of the human body and is the largest detoxification organ. We can help the body remove waste by dredging the lymph glands and massaging the lymph nodes. Improve metabolism, while applying pressure and massage to kidney-related acupoints to strengthen kidney function.


Meridian Therapy
From 198

Applying meridian therapy on different parts of body can effectively improve headache, dizziness, poor sleep, stress, eyesight fatigue; relieve shoulder and neck pain, promote blood circulation throughout the body. It also has outstanding effects in preventing and treating systemic arthritis and various diseases.


Unspoken Care
From 398

The labia is cleaned, detoxified, and tenderized in an all-round way, leaving it moisturized and refreshed. Reduce the accumulation of toxins and garbage in the private system, and reduce the incidence of gynecological diseases such as cysts and fibroids.


Moxibustion (艾灸)
From 88

Chinese herbal medicine moxibustion has the functions of warming meridian and dredging collaterals, promoting qi and blood circulation, dispelling dampness and dispelling cold, warming and invigorating the middle qi, regaining yang and relieving, eliminating stasis, and dissipating congestion.


Other Wellness
From 212

Includes Gastrointestinal Care, Post Natal Recovery, Breast Care, Hip deep tissue, Slimming and Shaping.

包含了肠胃疏理,产后修复,胸部保健,臀疗, 减肥塑形等项目。 


Great ambiance, great music, fantastic massage, will visit again for sure.

Robin Lau

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