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Lymphatic Drainage+Kidney Care (120mins)

Improve Metabolism. Strengthen Kidney Function.

  • 2 hr
  • 192 Singapore dollars
  • 100 Orchard Road #02-44/45/46 Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall Singapore 238840

Service Description

The lymphatic system is commonly known as the cleaner of the human body and is the largest detoxification organ. We can help the body remove waste by dredging the lymph glands and massaging the lymph nodes. Improve metabolism, while applying pressure and massage to kidney-related acupoints to strengthen kidney function. 淋巴系统俗称是人体的清洁工,是最大的排毒器官。我们通过疏通淋巴腺,按摩淋巴结,可以帮助身体移走废物。改善代谢,同时对肾脏相关穴位点压、按摩加强肾脏功能。

Contact Details


#02-44/45/46. Located on the 2nd floor of Concorde Hotel and Shopping Mall 100 Orchard Road, Singapore

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